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Surface Technology of Aluminum and its alloys new flexible aluminum alloys single
The book "Surface technology of aluminum and its alloys" describing the surface treatment, anodization and coloring of aluminum and its alloys. Aluminum alloys have many kinds of composition and it mean has been difficult to find a certain preplating procedure that will be equally satisfactory for all types and tempers of aluminum alloys, since the various alloys and products exhibit different metallurgical structures and different electrochemical behavior. Every alloy elements have different characteristic and structure that can effect to the behavior when treat with electroplating on aluminum metal. This book will be helpful for the students and researchers whoever doing research in the field of electrodeposition, anodization and coloring of aluminum and its alloys.
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Ulanovskiy I. B. Hydrogen Diffusion and Porosity Formation In Aluminium new flexible aluminum alloys single
This book presents experimental data obtained by the author on hydrogen permeability, solubility and diffusion of hydrogen in aluminum and its alloys, as well as on porosity formation in aluminum and its alloys. The author offers new techniques for determining the surface tension of solid metals and the hydrogen content in aluminum alloys containing components with high vapour pressures. The book also considers the theory of porosity formation in metals. For the first time ever, the author presents a technique for metals and alloys treatment securing the removal of gases and eliminating gas unsoundness, known as the ‘hot isostatiс pressing technique’. The author proposes a technology, which ensures cutting down flaws caused by gas cavities in aluminum aircraft shell plates.
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